Friends since the Music High School in Sofia, in 2018 the three members of Via Mavis decide to reunite despite the fact that all three are based in different European cities. The solution is obvious: alternating the meeting point between hometown Sofia and the cities, in which the three Bulgarians are based: Viktor Benev (malletKAT, electronics) lives in Paris, Victoria Kirilova (double bass) – in Vienna and the drummer Martin Hafizi – in Rotterdam. The original tunes of the trio are a combination of various influences, such as traditional and modern jazz and some subgenres of electronic music and of the common background of the three of them – classical music and Bulgarian folklore. Another thing, which makes the trio rather unusual, is the use of the MalletKAT: it provides a versatile palette of sounds, provoking new explorations and presenting a new “read” of the classical piano-like trio. The debut album of Via Mavis, consisting of 8 original compositions of the trio, was recorded in February.