Contemporary, soulful and funky sounds, combined with distinctive female vocals and catchy vocal runs with a true RnB vibe. Singer-songwriter Lina Nikol likes to write from her own personal experience. She never felt like she "belonged" to a specific genre or sound. Her music is a blend of old - school R&B and new, modern influences and sounds. Her recent singles "Get It On" and "Under Your Skin" are part of her upcoming album " Who I Am", due to be released this summer. For the past few years Lina has been working with great musicians who have shaped the sound of her upcoming album and will be on stage with her at AtoJazz festival: Alexander Slavchev - guitar, Stanislav Arabadjiev - keys, Aleksander Vasev - keys, Radoslav Slavchev-Riverman - bass, Vassil Voutev - drums, Bojidar Vassilev - Trombobby - trombone and effects.