With a homage to the great artists in music, the inspiration in the latest creative ideas of the legendary Milcho Leviev resulted in his original reading of emblematic works of Bartok, Chopin, Vladigerov, Ravel, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff.

The new jazz arrangements for voice and chamber instrumental formations are collected in the album Sonata 57, released posthumously in 2021. The album will be presented on the stage of A to JazZ Festival by a stellar ensemble with a special tribute to the Maestro - Vicky Almazidu, Anthony Donchev Quartet and the special guests Human Touch and Theodosii Spassov. The legacy that the Milcho Leviev left to us has no analogue in the world cultural encyclopedia. The significance of his musical heritage for the global music scene and culture cannot be defined or compared to the genetic potential of any particular latitude, territory or people. Fleeing from evil and from his native place Plovdiv at the beginning of his conscious journey, at the end of the journey Milcho Leviev found himself on a kind of world peak, which defines him as a Citizen of the World with an unappealable contribution to the global cultural development.