FunkXpress is an emerging Funk and Fusion band from Salzburg. The winners of the Joe-Zawinul Award 2016 inspire their fans with classic, danceable Funk, which they combine with elements of Fusion to create their own signature sound. The band also comes up with its great variety of sounds, because some of the 8 musicians are studied "Jazzers" and the others are classical musicians. From lyrical ballads to impulsive Funkbeats or more elaborate songs everything is included in their repertoire. Mixing old with new ideas they put on an intoxicating show, that really anybody would enjoy.

Lukas Kranjc - bass, Clemens Windtner - drums, Lukas Moser - keys, Matthias Leboucher - keys/synth, Paul Widauer - sax, Maximilian Rehrl - trumpet, Lorenz Widauer - trumpet, Markus Gruber – baritone sax