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Mastretta is an orchestra as classic as unclassifiable. At the conduction of his celebrated founder, Nacho Mastretta - composer and clarinet, the band has a unique musicality. The disparity of profiles is also their best asset because the musical approach seeks the collective sound enrichment enhancing the personality of each musician. Mastretta musicians alternate as soloists carrying the weight of a piece jumping from one genre to another with gall and a waste of virtuosity nothing stifled. Between the score and the improvisation the magic of this orchestra is produced: Dance music that invites to the joy. Popular and contemporary music with a Mediterranean flavor of the background, with experimental excursions and rocky touches.

El Reino de Veriveri is his latest album. After 10 years always with the same components, Nacho Mastretta has composed to celebrate the occasion several pieces inspired by the own musicians of the orchestra, among which "Racalmuto", "Radio Pesquera", "Blue Dog", "El Show de Dodo", "Fetén Fetén" and "Mr. Atomic ". The album also includes the premiere of the "Suite of the Great Vazquez", which develops the main themes of the soundtrack of the Oscar Aibar film, composed by Nacho Mastretta. His previous work was "Vivan los músicos"(2008, Nuevos Medios): Best Fusion Album in the XIV Edition of the Music Awards and UFI Award for the Best Music Album of the World 2009, Since then Mastretta has toured Spain, Argentina, England , The Philippines, Ghana, Morocco and Brazil. He has recorded the soundtracks of "Días Azules", "Nadie es Perfecto" y "El Gran Vázquez".

Nacho Mastretta – clarinet/accordion, Marina Sorín – cello/phonofiddle, Luca Frasca – piano/keyboard, Pablo Navarro – double bass, Coke Santos – drums, David Herrington - trumpet