Dear friends,
We are pleased to provide you once again with the innovative high speed service at the festival bars—Speed.Bar. It enables you to order drinks quickly, easily and comfortably without wasting time to wait in long queues. The system is designed for your smartphone browser (Android or iOS) so as to enable you to make real-time online orders and payments using a credit or debit card. Once you have made your order and your payment is confirmed, Speed.Bar will send you a barcode displayed on your smartphone. Then you have to bring it to the Speed.Bar where you can get your order packed in a convenient pouch. And all of this in just a few minutes while enjoying the great artists of A to JazZ without having to leave your company!

What is Speed.Bar?
The Speed.Bar is a virtual bar for your smartphone browser developed by—the market leader in the field of online payment services in our country. Using the Speed.Bar you can order and pay securely and quickly your drinks and food during the festival. It is the physical execution of your order and the cash payment (pouring beer, returning the change, etc.) that is the most time-consuming while hanging out at the bar. You just need a smartphone, credit or debit card and mobile internet connection. You can order even while you are on the road to the festival or coming to the bar and, when you arrive, just take your drink. Instead of waiting at the bar, Speed.Bar is waiting for you.

How can I order quickly, easily and securely?
Open your smartphone browser (Android or iOS). Write in the search box. Then a button ORDER will appear on the main webpage. Press the button and take a look at the entire menu of Speed.Bar. Choose your drink and food by pushing or sliding onto the product(s). After you confirm your order, you can see the fields where to fill in your credit or debit card details. Fill in your credit or debit card number, your name and the three-digit security code displayed on the reverse of your card, and then confirm the information.

The system will, in turn, also confirm your order. In a minute or two, you will receive an indication on your smartphone along with a barcode, which means your order is ready and waiting for you at the Speed.Bar. Then go to the bar, your operator will scan the barcode on your phone and you will take what you paid for. A total of 3 minutes. Cool, right?

What bank card do I need to use for this service?
You can pay using any bank card issued by a Bulgarian operator. These are VISA, Mastercard and BORICA.

Is it secure? is the largest and most secure operator of online payments in Bulgaria. The system has been in operation since 1999 and now operates 95% of the Bulgarian digital payments market. has the highest security certificate issued by VISA and Mastercard. The services offered by the system are used by almost all banks in the country and by many financial and government institutions.

A to JazZ Festival is not responsible for any damages or inconvenience arising from the use of the Speed.Bar platform.

For more information: 02/921 08 50 or Facebook: Speed.Bar