Dear friends, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the innovative Bulgarian platform for fast service at festival bars - Speed.Bar. With it you can quickly, easily and conveniently order food and drinks without losing any time waiting in long lines. The system is designed for your smartphone browser (Android and iOS) and allows for orders and payments with a credit or debit card online in real time. Everything happens in just a few minutes while you are enjoying the great artists at the A to Jazz festival with your friends and without having to leave your group for a long time to wait in line!

The platform was created and developed by the Bulgarian leader in electronic payments ePay.bg and its premiere during A to JazZ 2017 is sponsored by VISA.

What is Speed.Bar?
Speed.Bar is a virtual bar for your smartphone browser. With it you can order and pay safely and quickly for your drinks and food during the festival. The physical execution of your order (pouring beers) and the cash payment (getting change) are the two things that take up the most time while you are queuing at the bar. To avoid all this waiting you only need a smartphone, bank card and mobile internet. You can even order on your way to the festival or bar and just take your drink when you arrive. Instead of having to wait at the bar, Speed.Bar is waiting for you.

How can I order quickly, easily and securely?
Go to atoz.speed.bar, order from the menu and pay with your bank card, the details of which have to only be entered the first time. Immediately after the payment the order will start to be prepared and you can keep track of the process. When it's ready, you get a barcode on your phone with which you go to the bar and get your order without having to wait. It takes 3 minutes. Cool, right?

Is it safe?
еPay.bg is the largest and most secure operator of electronic payments in Bulgaria. The system has been active since 1999 and now the company operates with 95% of the Bulgarian electronic market. еPay.bg has the highest security certificate issued by VISA and Mastercard. The services offered by the system are used by all banks in the country, as well as by financial and government institutions.

What bank card can I use the service with?
You can pay with every valid bank card issued by a Bulgarian operator. Such as VISA, Mastercard and BORICA.

How can I win the iPhone7?
This edition of A to JazZ really promises to be the largest ever, with the most complete experience for the audience. Apart from enjoying great artists and the fastest bar, you will also have the chance to win one of three iPhone7s at the festival!

Anyone who has made 3 valid payments at https://atoz.speed.bar/ during one of the festival days (7, 8 or 9 July 2017) will automatically take part in a draw at the end of that day. So each day one lucky participant will win an iPhone 7.

Three valid payments during the span of a day are considered one entry. Each participant can have an unlimited number of entries for the competition period.

Read the complete terms and conditions of the competition here: http://atoz.speed.bar

The Beer is from VISA!
That's right, there will be beer from VISA! Buy 5 beers through Speed.Bar and our general sponsor VISA will give you the sixth one free of charge. You don't even have to keep count - Speed.Bar will tell you when you get to five. A message will appear on your phone's browser page telling you that your VISA beer is waiting at Speed.Bar, and it is up to you to decide when to take it. Enjoy!

The Speed.Bar at A to JazZ 2017 is a joint project of ePay.bg, VISA and A to JazZ Festival. The festival organizers are not owners or operators of the Speed.Bar system and have no responsibility for its operation and any financial transactions. The A to JazZ Festival is not responsible for damages or inconveniences of any kind that might have occurred during the use of the Speed.Bar platform.

For more information: 02/921 08 50 or Facebook: Speed.Bar