A to JazZ Talks

A to JazZ Talks is a mini-conference, part of the festival program. Founded in 2017, Talks aims to support the work and development of artists, cultural operators and professionals by meeting them with international speakers from the music industry. This year’s conference will be held on July 7th and 8th at “Toplocentrala” Cultural Center and contains two main modules – for artists and festival operators.

The panels aimed at artists are “How to Showcase” and “Go to Market” as a key part of artist’s career planning and development. The festival panel “Ecology of Music Festivals” will bring to the table the hot topic of waste reduction, circular economy, carbon footprint and sustainability in the organization of cultural events.

Supported by Program “Culture” of Sofia Municipality and Upbeat – The European Showcase platform for World Music

Програма A to JazZ Talks

07 юли, петък

РЦСИ “Топлоцентрала”, зала 2
13:30 – 15:00 „Как да се подготвим за шоукейс“

лектори: Кристин Семба (Womex Academy); Ориол Рока (Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic); Боян Джорджевич (Tudo Mundo Festival, World Music Chart Europe)
модератор: Марике Мейшке (Jazz Maastricht)

15:30 – 17:00 „Как да достигнем пазара“

лектори: Ноам “Нани” Вазана (Why DIY Music); Рут Колева (Sofia Live Festival);
Лин Дюит (Lynn Dewitte Booking & Management)
модератор: Арлет Ховинга (That Jazz Girl)

08 юли, събота

РЦСИ “Топлоцентрала”, зала 2
11:00 – 12:30 “Екология на музикалните фестивали” (панелна сесия 1)

- Какво е устойчива фестивална екосистема и защо ни е необходима?
- Как да направим устойчиво музикално събитие?
- Устойчиви фестивални практики
- Фестивал с нулев отпадък - мечтата на организатора

12:30 – 13:30 обедна почивка
13:30 – 15:00 “Екология на музикалните фестивали” (панелна сесия 2)

– Как да измерим отпечатъка на своя фестивал: инструменти и практики
– Дискусия: въпроси и отговори

лектори: Линеа Свенсон (Greener Events); Ника Милунович (MetalDays Festival), Бенджамин Сас (Meadows in the Mountains Festival)
модератор: Мартина Ван Нюланд (Upbeat sustainability expert)

15:30 – 16:30 Презентация Better Live Project

- Потенциални партньорства за обмен на артисти и устойчиви турнета в Балканския регион
презентатори: Гаранс Амие (Périscope / Footprints / Better Live); Антонис Зуганелис (Athens Music Week / Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, Better Live регионален партньор)


Oriol Roca

Artistic director Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic
Oriol Roca is artistic director of the Mercat de Musica de Vic Showcase & Festival in Catalonia, Spain. He is in the music industry since he was 17 - musician, artist manager, booker, production director of festivals and now leading the artistic direction of MMVV, (A)phonica Festival, Festival Silenci - La Garriga. Closure and tour management of Ojos de Brujo, Dusminguet, Brazuca Matraca, Tonino Carotone, Tamboro Mutanta, Axel Krieger and other bands.

Linnea Svensson

Executive Director Greener Events
Linnéa Svensson is the Executive Director of the Norwegian Foundation Greener Events which mentors and advises organizers of sporting and culture events in implementing sustainability measures and sustainable corporate partnerships. The goal is to make sure more events take sustainability measures. She has over 15 years of experience with production, sponsorship and sustainability for events and festivals, including 10 years for the Øya Festival. She mentors organizers of sporting and culture events. Linnéa is certified as Miljøfyrtårn (https://eco-lighthouse.org/) consultant, and she is also the author of the Sponsorship Handbook for Live Music Organizers.

Francis Gay

Music Journalist, WDR Cosmo
Born in France, Francis Gay is head of music at the German public radio COSMO, Cologne/Germany, one of Germany's most respected radios, pushing global sounds to large audiences. He has been dealing with global music and emerging sounds for over 40 years. Whether as a journalist, curator or consultant, he basically deals with the meaning and role of music in processes of social change. He ensured that COSMO was the first German radio station to only use music playlists that adhere to gender parity. And if there is enough time, he likes to play the most exciting global tracks as a DJ, like in his COSMO radio show Selektor.

Marieke Meischke

Artist director, music coach, Jazz Maastricht
Marieke is an international talent coach, she has always been exploring the field of music, as a booking agent, tour manager, festival producer/director, teacher and lyricist. For her it is all about connection and communication, the sowing and reaping that leads to the right artists on the right stages. She is the founder of eclectic music festival FlatFest and manager of So What’s Next?, a 3-day jazz & beyond festival with a strong showcase profile. She is equally passionate about coaching young musicians and preparing them for the professional music world.

Martyna Van Nieuwland

Artistic Director Music Meeting, Upbeat Sustainability Expert
Artistic director of Music Meeting Festival and All Ears since 2022. Working as an independent curator and producer globally in the field of music, literature and visual arts, as well as interdisciplinary projects, including Upbeat Platform. She has been Artistic Director of Gardens of Sounds Festival and JazzArt Festival, both in Katowice, Poland. In addition, she is or was involved in many different Polish and international events and organizations as an artistic advisor and organizer. Martyna was a member of the team that organized WOMEX 2017 in Katowice, a board member of Europe Jazz Network (2018-2021).

Antonis Zouganelis

Director AthensJazz, Athens Music Week
Artistic Director of the AthensJazz, Conference director of the Athens Music Week and huge admirer of the British Jazz explosion, Antonis Zouganelis is currently the music and events consultant of Technopolis – City of Athens and the Owner of the music consulting agency TheCluster. Having worked in the music sector for more than 20 years, he has been moving around in various positions and businesses within the industry. From artistic direction to artists’ management and International bookings, from intellectual property to creative direction and production, from events & festivals production management to marketing management and from entertainment concept design to cultural management and consulting in music projects & businesses.

Noam “Nani” Vazana

Artist, Founder and coach at Why DIY Music
Nani (Noam Vazana) is an Israeli/Portugal/The Netherlands artist and CEO of the Why DIY Music. “If you think you need to do it yourself - You Do!”, Nani founded Why DIY Music in 2019 as a resource for the independent musicians' community. She strives to implement exchange practices and help facilitate genuine relationships between programmers and artists to bridge the ever-growing gap within the industry. Noam helps musicians to find out what does it mean to manage yourself as an artist and how you can you effectively market yourself to audiences and programmers.

Alrette Hovinga

PR, That Jazz Girl
Arlette Hovinga (That Jazz Girl) is a publicist and marketing/media director from The Netherlands. Focusing on release- and tour promo, she works all over Europe to represent everything jazz, and anything experimental. When not on the road with colleagues, clients, and friends such as Jason Miles (Marcus Miller, Miles Davis), she can be found organizing press tours for festivals such as A to JazZ Showcase Festival (BG), So What's Next? (NL), Szczecin Jazz Festival (PL), and Sicilia Jazz Festival (IT). In the past, she's been known to work with The Four Tops, Earth Beat Agency, Matt Bianco, and many others.

Ruth Koleva

Artist, Founder Sofia Live Festival
Ruth Koleva is the first Bulgarian artist to sign with a major label. “Superpower” is her new song and the symbolic super start to her international career with Warner Music. Through her incredible talent, charisma and professionalism, Ruth Koleva takes the first step and paves the way for Bulgarian talent to global realization. Ruth Koleva is a prime example of a contemporary musician and successful female entrepreneur in the music industry. As Head of Partnerships for China’s largest independent music company, Kanjian, Ruth is a key connection for international companies and artists looking to grow in the world’s largest micro market. In 2019 Koleva founded Sofia Live Festival, a contemporary three-day festival exploring innovation and interdisciplinary arts and genres. Since 2022, Ruth has been a member of the board of the Bulgarian Society for Neighboring Rights – PROPHON.

Benjamin Sasse

Founder Director
Meadows in the Mountains
Benjamin has spent the last 10 years working as a civil engineer on high profile, high-value infrastructure projects in London. However since founding Meadows In The Mountains Festival in 2011 with his brother Damian, he has slowly been transferring his skill set into social entrepreneurism. Meadows in the Mountains enforces a truly impressive organization, policy and culture of environmental awareness. One of the main principles of the festival is "to leave no trace" and this is not just another advertising trick. For the brothers, this is a deep philosophy of life. They not only put Bulgaria and the region on the world map as an impressive and still undiscovered destination for nature and event tourism, but also develop sustainable practices.

Lynn Dewitte

Lynn Dewitte Booking & Management
Lynn Dewitte is the program manager of Brussels Jazz Weekend, a free annual festival celebrating jazz in all its forms in the heart of Brussels. She is also part of the team behind the Brussels Jazz Alert platform, promoting upcoming Belgian talents. She has been working in the music industry for several years as a manager, booker, event organizer and label coordinator. In 2020 she founded her agency “Lynn Dewitte, Booking & Management” to support and promote Belgian and international artists. She is also a founding member of the new Fédération des Bookers et Managers Uni·e·s (FBMU) representing these professions at Belgian level.

Nika Brunet Milunovic

Project Manager Metaldays Festival,
CEO на Hartlee
Somewhere between project and event manager by title, Nika has wide experience from music industry business, social sciences, marketing and communication, IT and even aeronautical science, and is today responsible for organization and promotion of the biggest music festival in Slovenia: MetalDays. Passionate about nature, animals, ecology, sustainability and environment, interested in development of human potential and growth, certified Yoga RYT500 & Therapeutic yoga teacher, Meditation and Breathwork teacher, with certificate in Horticultural Therapy, with a clear vision of the future where sustainable, low carbon foot-print, zero-waste events are not fiction anymore but a reality.

Garance Amieux

Le Periscope, Better Live Project
Garance Amieux is the project manager of a support program for musicians and cultural project leaders. As part of the Périscope team she is in charge of helping the local scene to access professionalization and sustainable artistic career. Besides she is also in charge of the ecological resources to Footprints (one of the most significant European platforms, aiming the consolidation of the European creative music community around ecological, social ands economic challenges), concerning carbon reduction strategy for live music organizations and sustainable tours. With the Better Live project she works for the ecological transition, training and capacity building for professionals of the live music industry across Europe.

Боян Джорджевич

Tudo Mundo Festival, World Music Chart Europe
Боян пише за музика още от 1987 г. в Сърбия, Словения, Македония, Италия, Германия и Обединеното кралство. Стартира радио шоу за алтернативна музика по Радио B92 през 1990 г. Седмичното му предаване „Pomen Crvenom Patuljku“ през 1999 г. се променя на „Disco 3000“, посветено на голямата му страст уърлд музиката и се излъчва оттогава (сега по Радио Белград 3). Член е на World Music Charts Europe и Balkan World Music Chart, и е автор на компилациите „Srbija: Sounds Global“ и „Rromano Suno“. През 1996 г. създава Международния фестивал “Ring Ring”, а през 2012 г. става артистичен директор на фестивала за уърлд музика Todo Mundo в Белград. Като сериен вдъхновител на фестивали, през 2022 Боян създава уърлд мюзик фестивала Pocket Globe в Нови Сад, като междувременно работи по „Swiss Music Day“ в 7 балкански града заедно със „Swiss Balkan Creative" и е ко-куратор на фестивалите „Umbria Jazz – Balkanic Windows“, „Adriatico Mediterrraneo“ и „Euro Med“.
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